Sunday, December 28, 2008

Swap Pictures...Meet "dee dee" the lil Chickadee

Meet the lil chickadee by "The Blackberry Briar!"
I was so lucky to receive this wonderful surprise in the mail, from Michelle "Tinkerbell" in my Christmas swap!
She knows I like her dolls and birds soooo much , and she made this lil
"dee dee" especially for me! I love everything soooo much!!!
Thank you Tink! MWAH!!!
She also sent me a huge box of scented candles and tarts that she makes and sells! They are wonderful, and of the finest quality and scent! Here is her blog for more information...

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Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

hah! well look at you with your blog all updated and such!! i will have to go ad you if I haven't already!! hugs, robin