Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks day!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Is this your cat. It looks just like my cat. I can't believe it. Is Tyler your nephew? Which one made the lil stuffed animal? How sweet. I'm doing terrible on March Madness, but just love it, anyway.

Love Ya,

jojo said...

Hi Penny!! LOL
no I wish that was my cat..he is adorable...You are lucky to have one like that...I snagged that online....Yes Tyler is my nephew, but he had 2 bothers and Bretten, who is 11 made the hyena!!LOL
Eberytime they come over, I have to make dolls with them..No wonder I dont get my own dollies finished...but they are only little for so long ...lolLOving the group of March madnesss too...ooo and "I DONT feel sorry for penny "lol;