Friday, January 30, 2009

New Izannah Doll

This beautiful doll was made in the likeness of an Izannah Walker doll by my friend.Jackie Hendricks of Plain-n-simple!
She makes beautiful dolls , and she has
mastered the Izzie look!
You can bid on the doll on ebay!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess What ??? :)


is going to



Steeler fans ....

from my friend Cindi

from Oklahoma.... :)

Lexi Update!!!
Home from the hospital and giving herself
her 7

What a Trooper! :)
SO Proud of you Lexi!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I have been overwhelmed.....

This is my life right now......

Alexis Olivia

Sometimes we ask "why?" and that is "ok."
My family has had a devastating week... with my favorite little niece going into Diabetic ketoacidosis on Thursday evening,
and being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes Type I...

This little girl must test her blood, with finger pricks 5 times daily and also, take seven insulin shots daily.....for the rest of her life...she is only 9 years old....Her diet will be completely different...No Twix bars or candy.....No birthday cake and ice cream :( Sleepovers will be difficult, and so will every aspect of her and her family's life.....

Juvenile Diabetes I is the worst possible type, where the pancreas completely shuts down, and does not make insulin.

Alexis Olivia's, entire life has changed, and we are trying to push past the sadness...She is very depressed ... quiet & sad.....:(

Lexi is in Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh Pa...
any prayers , advice or guidance...would truly be appreciated....
love , jojo